Catholic Life and Mission



At St. John Fisher we will live out our Mission Statement:

  • By nurturing the abilities of all and fulfilling their capacity to use their physical, moral, intellectual and spiritual gifts and talents for the good of themselves and others.
  • Through the way we teach and learn.
  • Through our relationships with one another, the children, the parents and the wider community.
  • Through our approach to behaviour and discipline which is based on gospel values of reconciliation and love for the individual.
  • Through making prayer and worship an integral part of our daily life.
  • Through our concern for justice and peace in our world and for those less fortunate than ourselves.


The following support our overall aim of communicating Christ to others:

  • to be inspired and challenged by the Gospels and to celebrate in word and action God’s love for us and our love for Him.
  • to provide a community spirit in which children are happy and made to feel welcome and valued, conscious of their own worth as individuals.
  • to continually strive for excellence in teaching and to offer challenge leading to the highest standards of personal achievement for all our children.
  • to prepare children to be fully aware of the needs of others, so that each child may learn to live as a member of God’s family world- wide, and at peace in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society.
  • to encourage a spirit of co-operation and friendship among our pupils which will lead to a mutual understanding and respect for all people.
  • to affirm the value and equality of children of all abilities and to foster the talents of the whole school community.
  • to care for, and to serve those, who have particular needs both within our school and those who are outside it.
  • to organise our school and its curriculum in such a way as to reveal our commitment to building a community of Christ.
  • to work in partnership with parents, to involve and inform them, and welcome them to share in the school’s liturgy and prayer life.
  • to work closely with our Governors, parishes and members of the wider local community.

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