Catholic Social Teaching

Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.

 1 John 3:18



Rooted in Love is a new project to support schools in their journey with Catholic Social Teaching. 


Care of Creation

Children will learn that as Christians, we are called to be stewards, care-takers of God’s creation. That means we are asked to look after the world that God created for us. We must all work to leave our world in a better condition for the people who will come after us.

Preferential Option for the Poor

Children learn the importance of helping those in need, just like Jesus did. They learn that we are called to care for, love and give to others. To be their voice when they are not heard. Through the Gospels, the children hear how Jesus shows a preferential option for the poor by putting them first. He gives them special importance by thinking of their needs and helping them have their rightful place in the world.

Solidarity and Peace 

Children explore and discuss what Peace and Solidairty means and what it looks like in their class, school, home and the wider world. They  learn how through Jesus’ example, they too can be Peacemakers and stand in Solidarity with each other and our global neighbours.

Community and Participation

The children learn that they are called to be part of the community and to participate actively to make a change for the better. They are taught to ‘ be the change they want to see.’ They recognise that God didn’t make us to live by ourselves, but that we’re meant to interact with others.  At St John Fisher, the children have many opportunities to get involved and participate in making the school a better place. More importantly, they are encouraged and  given opportunities to look beyond the school gates to the local and wider community, including our global community. We have an active Pupil Leadership Team which meets regularly to discuss and plan how they, through living our mission statement, can make a difference.

Dignity of Workers

Children reflect on the meaning of Dignity. They learn  that treating someone with dignity means treating them with love, kindness  and fairness. We should do this because everyone is made in God’s image. Dignity of workers means ensuring that people’s dignity is respected in work.

Human Dignity 

We teach the children that every human person is created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, every person’s life and dignity must be respected and supported from conception until the end of their natural life on earth.

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