What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is an online tool which enables teachers to create, share and mark their students’ homework, and for students to access and complete assignments.

The Classroom uses other G-Suite features like Google Docs for writing, Gmail for communicating and Google Calendar for scheduling.

Students are invited into their specific classrooms through a private code set up by the teacher.

Each class created will automatically generate a new folder in each student's Google Drive account, where students submit their work to be graded by the teacher.

Teachers can set assignments in Google Classroom, schedule due dates with Google Calendar and more.

How does my child access Google Classroom?

Students can access their Google account at home by using a Chromebook, Mac, PC or smartphone. They need to simply go to the school website and then click the Google Classroom link under the Pupils' tab.

Their username is the same as their myUSO login but with @st-johnfisher.ealing.sch.uk at the end, meaning if their username is username.307 then their Google login will be username.307@st-johnfisher.ealing.sch.uk.  Their password is the same as their myUSO password.

Once they are logged in they can access all the Google apps via the "App Launcher" Icon. The main apps which the students need to be aware of are Drive and Classroom. 

Google orders apps in the "App Launcher", however students can reorder them as they wish.  All they need to do is click and hold on an icon and drag it to where they want it.  We would suggest that the apps they use more commonly are on the first ‘page’ (see the above image).

On Google Classroom, they will be presented with a screen which displays their class.

Once they accept to join the class through a private code set up by the teacher, they will be able to click on the class and have immediate access to any resources the teacher has uploaded.