I have never come across a school like yours. The high level of teaching, the expectations of the pupils as well as the teaching team is absolutely phenomenal. Every box regarding equality, and diversity you have ticked, but most importantly I have felt that my children have been loved by the staff, and have immensely enjoyed school. If I had one wish right now? it would be that I could lift St John Fisher up and move you to our new area. Your Leadership is outstanding, and cannot be faulted.

One of the things I have loved about the school is the inclusiveness, and how we as Black parents of Black children in the school have been fully considered. We are aware that there is very few Black pupils, but we and them are not overlooked and I'm grateful for this and the embracement. Recently my child experienced her first bout of racism, something that we as Black people face consistently, perhaps in different circumstances. The reason I mention this is Ms Henry needed to be applauded for the way she handled it and stamped it out, with immediate effect. This has been a powerful move for us as parents and for my children because the girls have regularly brought this up, and keeps the discussion at home about our race as well as our culture.

There is always a fear as a parent and probably more so as a black parent, that I have.  My closing letter is to really say thank you, for the loving, kind and safe environment that you have provided for my children. Thank you for being consistent, second parents, teaching them morals, and always being fair to them.

Most of all thank you for keeping them safe.

To Ms Sullivan, Ms Symeon, Ms Hunter, Ms Henry, Ms Lentzos, Ms Radford, Ms Barry, Mr Omari and all the other wonderful teachers of St John Fisher. The Caretaker who stands in the rain and is pushed past by the parents every afternoon.

Thank You for Everything